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Icecap Vue 660 VHO T5 Ballast

The IceCap 600 is the best solution for driving fluorescent lamps. The IC-660s are developed with the same technology as the classic IceCap 660 ballast but with some updated improvements like utilizing higher quality, non lead “RoHS Compliant” integrated components for an environmentally safe product which will also allow the ballast to run cooler reducing the ballasts failure rate.

IceCap 660 Ballasts are the coolest ballasts available using 40% less electricity and burning 40% brighter. Their unique circuitry prevents premature lamp burn out and 
fading associated with VHO lamps. You can run VHO, HO, and STD lamps in any combination. In summary, the IC-660 is a versatile and powerful ballast. Single ballast can operate any combination up to 4 lamps- with a total not exceeding 440 Watts. The IC-660 is fully dimmable (T12 VHO bulbs only), operates silently, has many available features, is fully repairable and has a 3 year conditional warranty. A reliable high frequency solution for your Industrial, UV, Germicidal, Aquarium and Horticultural applications.

  • Unsurpassed Versatility
  • Silent Operation
  • Fully Repairable
  • Comes with Wire Harnes
  • Backed by a 3 year warranty

Model: IC-660

• Input Voltage: 120V A/C

• Input Current: 4.4 Amps • Input Power: 440 Watts

• Lamp Load: 110 Watts

• Power Factor: > 60% • Operating Frequency: 22-25 KHz

• Minimum Starting Temp: -40C

• Max. Allowed Area Temp: < 50C

• Max. Mounting Distance: 50 feet

• Type: 2 Outdoors • Sound Rating: A

• Enclosure Overall Dimensions (Inches): 11 ¼ X 3 7/32 X 1 ¾

• Does not include power cord • Thermal Protected: Class P • Weight: 2 lbs

• Available in 120V or 220V options

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