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Vertex VX-200 Alpha Cone Skimmer

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Unquestionably, there must be no concessions when it comes to engineering and producing the finest aquarium equipment. Only by these convictions can performance be pushed beyond expectations. Vertex Aquaristik™ brings to you the next stage of evolution in high-performance Saltwater management. Crediting to its ultramodern design and differentiating features, this top model clearly distinguishes from competition.

PEERLESS IN ITS CLASS This is the Protein Skimmer you have been waiting for. The revolutionary conical body paired with the refinement of the Vertex pump creates a potent combination of exceptional waste extraction, whisper quiet operation and low-impact energy conservation. The precision construction from the highest quality materials coalesces together in a form that is both durable and being feature-rich. These meticulous attentions to design result in an execution that is conclusively untouchable.

POWERED BY PERFECTION The heart of the Vertex™ Alpha Kone can be found in the world-class Vertex pump. Long regarded as the absolute apex of skimmer pumps, the Vertex pump boasts solid credentials thanks to its impressive 1500 LPH air draw at only 38W electrical consumption. However, where it excels is in the exceptional balance, refinement and lifestyle-endearing silent operation. There has been no better match in the industry. The oversized air-induction venturi is furnished with an additional port to facilitate the introduction of water clarifying ozone. As an added performance integrant, the venturi can be adjusted from its stock 1500 LPH air draw to a blistering 1800 LPH.

THE SHAPE OF PERFORMANCE Owing to its full-body conical reaction chamber, the Vertex™ Alpha Kone eclipses all the traditional conditions of conventional protein skimming. By allowing the foam mass to accumulate in a gently sloping transition zone, protein extraction is remarkably increased. An inside view of the conical reaction chamber showcases the oversized, turbulence reducing bubble plate and remarkably fastidious CNC millwork that goes into it. Here is the core from which the Vertex™ Alpha Kone derives so much of its matchless performance. Finally, the unit can be fully disassembled for routine and thorough maintenance. All the body components are fashioned from high grade cast acrylic or solid PVC. The fasteners are manufactured with highly corrosion resistant titanium. Absolutely zero medians have been taken in the composition of the Vertex™ Alpha Kone, and it shows.


  • *Manufactured for Vertex Aquaristik™ from 100% cast acrylic and PVC
  • *Full body cone chamber markedly enables stable foam formation
  • *Vertex Alpha high-performance skimmer pump is completely silent
  • *Dual Pump Input ports accommodating different set ups and sump spaces
  • *Oversized, CNC-milled bubble plate eliminates turbulence
  • *Bayonet-style neck provides a secure, leak-free coupling between the cup and body
  • *Easily accessible Ozone port
  • *Built in skimmate drain
  • *All parts can be disassembled for ease of maintenance


  • Footprint 10" x 18"
  • Height 23"
  • Base Diameter 10" 
  • Neck Diameter 5"
  • 1700 to 2000 LPH @ 28W
  • Rated up to 300 gal