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Vertex Omega 150 Internal Protein Skimmer

The all new 2013 Vertex Omega 150 protein skimmer is engineering and design at it's finest.  Craftsmanship, quality of construction, and overall performance has never before been seen in the industry at this price point.  The Vertex Omega 150, with it's 6" wine glass body shape will handle a heavily stocked reef aquarium up to 150 gallons total, but is would not be oversized for systems as small as 40g.  

Features Included:
- Wine Glass Body
- Cast Acrylic & PVC Construction
- Hot Welded Seams
- Custom Sicce Pump & Pinwheel Impeller
- Fine Tuning Adjustable Venturi
- Ozone Injection Port
- Ultra Quiet Operation
- Low Power Consumption
- High Bioload Capacity 

Vertex Omega 150 Specifications:


  • - 19w Power Consumption
  • - 850lph Air Draw 
  • - 11" x 11" Footprint
  • - 21.75" Height
  • - 40g - 150g Heavy Bioload Capacity
  • - 200g Light Bioload Capacity

Vertex Omega 150 Specifications:

Rated for up to 150 gallons
Power Consumption: 22w
Air Draw: 700- 850 lph ( Water height and nozzle setting dependent-adjustable)
Footprint: 11" x 11"
Height: 21.75"
Adjustable Venturi nozzle( similar to that of Alpha skimmers)
Construction: White PVC, Red PVC-U PN-16 Fittings, Clear Cast acrylic
Body: Blown Cast Acrylic -one piece
Pump: Sicce Syncra-Custom motor-block produced only for Vertex (Stronger than regular Sicce SK pumps)
Impeller: Custom Vertex rare earth magnet- Custom Needle-wheel Impeller ( Different than regular Sicce SK pumps)
Can be fully disassembled. Titanium Screws.
Noise level: Comparable to Alpha or less
Warranty: 2 Years