Vertex Cerebra Prima Controller


Vertex is pleased to announce, after years of refinement, it it finally here, The Vertex Cerebra Aquarium Controller. Running through an Android based processing system the need to have tribal knowledge of coding is no longer needed. The Android operating system allows the Cerebra Controller to run smooth, and quick. We have yet to get our hands on a controller that is this feature packed, that is this easy to program.

  • Touch Screen Display (works with wet fingers)
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Six relay controlled outlets
  • LED status indicators
  • Android OS
  • Includes Smart-Temp sensor
  • Easy to program
  • Standard USB connections
  • Open Beta Model

Monitor and control your aquarium with the much awaited Vertex Cerebra Aquarium Controller. From dosing, pump control, lighting and much more, you can do everything with the Android based aquarium controller. The Cerebra is expandable and will have other modules that will allow you to control leaks, monitor necessary tank parameters, and even more outlets.


Whats Included?

Cerebra Controller Head Unit

Cerebra Multi-Bar (6 outlets)

Smart-Temp Sensor

USB A-B Cable

Cloud Registration code

Black Stylus

Powersupply for head unit


Cerebra Controller Head Unit

Dimensions - 7.25" L x 5.25" W x 4.875" H

The full color 5.5" display has a touch screen display that lets you easily jump between menu functions, your favorite internet browser, and programming. The home page on the display unit can be fully customized from what is displayed and were and icon size. Programming outlets and switches is now easier than ever, with the simple to follow "rules" programming procedure. At a glance you can now view your aquariums Temperature, pH, outlet status, sensor status, and much more. Even if you want to change an outlet rule or float switch, that can be done super quickly with one finger right through the head unit.


Multi-Bar Powerbar

Dimensions -20" L x 4" W x 2.5" H

Six fully controlled outlets are controlled by relays that are 80A inrush compliant. Each outlet is individually controlled via HAL sensors with LED Status indicators letting you know the status of each outlet at a glance. Each Multi-Bar powerbar has multiple probe and expansion ports letting you make your Cerebra controller truly limitless, no more modules.

  • 2x pH Ports*
  • 1x ORP (redox) Port*
  • 1x Conductivity Port*
  • 1x Dissolved Oxygen Port*
  • 1x Par Sensor Port*
  • 2x Optical or mechanical Level Sensor Ports*
  • 2x 0-10v Channels
  • 6 Ft Power cord
  • 6 Relayed Controlled Outlets
  • 16A Power Rating
  • Individual LED Status Indicators
  • Predefined Backup Emergency Power State

*Note: pH, ORP, Conductivity, DO, Par, and Float sensors not included

Smart-Temp Probe

Vertex is revolutionizing the probe industry, with their Smart-Temp probe. The probe is built from the highest quality parts that Vertex could source allowing the probe to last a long time giving stable and reliable readings. The probe had built-in LED status indicators that will let you know when the temperature is normal or out of range.

Blinking Red - Out of Range

Solid Green - Within Range


Android OS

Vertex undertook the challenge of making an aquarium controller on an open source platform. The Android based operating system lets you fully customize your controller for your needs without having to learn any coding, or proprietary software. If you have a smart phone today, you will know how to use the Cerebra. You can now have an internet browser, streaming videos, and instructional manuals right on your controller. If you need to convert alkalinity readings from PPM to DKH, you can book mark your favorite conversion chart, or if you are looking for a new skimmer, you can watch and read product reviews directly from the Cerebra. With an open source controller it is just a matter of time before many useful apps come to the market, making reef keeping fun and easy.

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