Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor 550

The PhosBan Reactor 550 is designed to push water upwards from the bottom and through the media. This forces an even distribution of water throughout the media and prevents channeling from occurring. The PhosBan 150 can be mounted under the aquarium or hung on the back of the aquarium. It comes with barb hose fittings for 1/2" tubing and a 1/2" barbed ball valve included for flow control.

The Phosban 550 is compatible with any pump that uses 1/2" tubing and a flow rate between 100 and 250gph.

Max Media Capacity -750 grams

Inlet Tube - 1/2"

Outlet Tube - 1/2"

Max Flow Rate - 250 gph

Dimensions - 15.125" H x 4.5" W x 6.5" L

Distance required behind tank for HOB application - 5" min

Phosban 550 body
Phosban 550 Lid
Ratchet Clip
Soft 90 Elbow (3x)
Sponges (2x)
Dispersion Plate (2x)
Ball Valve
Short Pipe Adapter
9" Tube


Media, Tubing, and pump sold separately.