Skimz QuietPRO 1.2 DC Controllable Water Pump (317 GPH)

Skimz QuietPro Pumps are full feature pumps that use a brushless 6-pole synchronous motor allowing you to have full control over the flow of the pump from 100% down to 5% while remaining completely silent. The included controller has a LED display that will show you the speed mode you are on, and also the wattage being consumed. Connecting the pump is pretty simple with the included barbed valves. Just slip on your favorite vinyl or silicone tubing. 

Variable Speed

Skimz gives you control of the pump from 5%-100% through the DC pump controller making it the perfect pump for aquarium equipment ranging from small reactors, closed loop systems and even dedicated return pumps. 

Soft Start-up

Each Skimz QuietPro Pump has a slow start feature that gently ramps the pumps flow up to the desired setting over the course of a few seconds. 

Overload Protection

The pump will automatically shut off when the temperature either gets too hot, or too cold removing the possibility of the pump damaging itself. 

Feed Mode 

Enter or exit feed mode with a single push of a button on the controller. QuietPro pumps have a 10-minute feed mode and will revert to the same power settings that were being used before feed mode was engaged. 

Dimensions - 4.75" L x 2.4" W x 4" H
Max Flow - 317 GPH
Max Head - 6 Feet
Speed Variable - 5% - 100%
Input Fitting - 25mm BSPP
Output Fitting - 25mm BSPP (pump includes 1/2" 5/8" & 3/4" barbed adapters)
Voltage - 24V DC
Max Power Consumption - 15W @ 120V AC
Liquid Temperature Range - 36°F - 104°F 
Ambient Temperature Range - 32°F - 122°F 

1x QuietPro 1.2 DC Pump
1x QuietPro 1.2 DC Controller
1x Intake Screen Guard
1x Power Supply
1x 1/2" Barbed Adapter
1x 5/8" Barbed Adapter
1x 3/4" Barbed Adapter