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Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon 3 Speedy 230 Watt-20.5m³ -10V connection

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  • Saltwater resistant M6 grade 2 titanium screws
  • Saltwater resistant parabolic rubber feet for acoustic decoupling
  • Extreme low noise brushless dc-delivery pump with grouted power electronics
  • High efficient technology "Made in Germany"
  • Inlet and Outlet complete with DIN connection, compact dimensions
  • High performance ceramics bearings and hollow shaft for bypass purging in the rotor housing
  • Only saltwater resistant pump with titanium rotor, titanium stator and shrivelled bearings
  • Easy usage and maintenance. Low risk of calcification due to polished titanium parts and compulsory purgeing
  • Heavy and massive craftsmanship against vibrations and oscillation
  • CE conformity, developed and built according to VDE guidelines

Technical data  Red Dragon® 3 Speedy pump 230 Watt 20,5 m³:

  • Performance: 5415 GPH (20,500 liter / h)
  • Technical data  Red Dragon® 3 Speedy pump 230 Watt 20.5 m³:
  • 230 Watt/h @ 21.32 feet (6.5 meters) maximum pressure height
  • speed adjustable brushless DC pump
  • Watt-Display at the controller /// in 2 Watt steps adjustable
  • intake side 2" (63 mm) - pressure side 1 1/2" (50 mm)
  • operating voltage: 110V/60Hz
  • pump and controller with a removeable Hirschmann-plug-connection 
  • Protection class pump: IP 68  control unit: IP 66   
  • Weight pump: 7.72 lbs (3.5 kg) 
  • Weight controller: 2.65 lbs (1.2kg)
  • Height of intake side: center 2.75" (70 mm)
  • Dimension pump: ~ 5.12" (130 mm) wide / 11.61" (295 mm) length / 8.66" (220 mm) height
  • Dimension control unit: ~ 7.48" (190 mm) wide / 6.61" (168 mm) length (250 mm with connection cable) / 9/84" (84 mm) height

Use as a circulation pump is prepared in each pump!
Prepared for connection to an aquarium computer (E.g. GHL) via a 0-10V interface.

No additional controller needed.

Tested so far folowing these two computers: 
GHL ProfiLux 3.1 and from Neptune Systems the Apex Aqua Controller.

Compatible with following brands:
ghl logoneptune systems logoreef ai logo

Pulsing in 5 second intervals possible (or greater).

Functioning of the electronics:
Once a voltage > 0,5V to the 10V interface is, the interface adapter takes over controlling and the system and lock(disable) the buttons on the controller. Voltage will be < 0,5V normal controller operation and the buttons are again released. So can the interface adapter stay connected without performing a function. 

If the Aquarium(tank)-computer voltage under 0,5V the 0-10V interface is shut down and the pump can be operated manually. From 0.5V, the interface will take over control of the scheme. In the area of 0,5V-0,8V the pump is switched off. From ~ 0.8V starts the pump at the lowest level (20W) and run. At an increase of 0.5V will increase the level, also. So 1V = 20W ….. 9V = 230W.

At a higher input voltage remains the Speedy controller to the maximum setting are available and no longer increases. The interface adapter behaves as if the corresponding would push the button.