Rossmont Riser R3200 Controllable Water Pump (850 GPH)

The first AC powered, controllable return pump!

Control your tanks water flow with the Rossmont Riser Water Pump. Either plug the pump directly into your wall for plug & play operation or couple it with the Rossmont Waver Controller for full control through your phone, tablet, or computer!

Plug and Play

The Riser pump can be plugged into any 120v wall socket and it will push 100% of its potential flow and can be set up with traditional on/off timers or aquarium controllers. Pushing up to 850 GPH the Riser is a perfect return pump for saltwater or freshwater aquariums. If you want to use the pump as a dedicated return, closed loop, manifold pump or anything else, the Riser is the perfect pump and can be expanded to be fully controlled. 


Requires Rossmont Waver Controller

Pair the Rossmont Riser Pump up with the Rossmont Waver Controller for an easy to use controllable AC pump. Controlling the pump can be done through your favorite smart device or computer, allowing you to set custom 24hr schedules that fits your tanks needs. The Waver Controller is especially useful in closed loop settings since you can vary the flow of the pump to create wave patterns and simulated reef conditions.

Multiple Modes

Connection with the Rossmont Waver unlocks additional features and functions like calibration mode. Calibrating the pump allows it to memorize a minimum flow rate for your aquariums plumbing and head height. The minimum flow rate is great for feeding and maintenance, where you may not want the pump to completely shut off, but dramatically lower the flow rate to help reduce food in the overflow or air bubbles from being blown into the system. 

Noise Reduction

Rossmont's double vibration and noise absorption system (VAS) keep the pump running dead silent at all times. The pump uses an intermediate plate that is attached by soft rubber spacers that will absorb potential noise causing vibrations and can be removed if the need arises. When it comes to utility pumps, the Rossmont Riser is one of the quietest AC powered return pumps we have ever used. 

Max Flow - 850 GPH
Max Head - 9.5 FT
Input Size - 3/4" or 1"
Output Size - 3/4" or 1"
Dimensions - 5.0" L x 3.15" W x 5.0" H
Power Consumption - 52W @ 120VAC
Cord Length - 6 FT
Warranty - 2 Years


What's Included?
1x Riser Pump
2x Hose Barbs
1x Base
3x Noise Reduction Pads
3x Rubber Feet