Reef Kinetics

Reef Kinetics ReefBot

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Reef bot allows you to maintain your aquarium without the hassle of doing laboratory tests and spending hours waiting for results. 

Reef Bot allows you to test your water for alkalinity and nitrate with a touch of a button. Test, check the results and control by accessing charts of results and comparison on your app.


Test are made for fresh and salt water

Alkalinity Test

Calcium Test

Nitrate Test

Phosphate Test


Making the hobby easier

Automated testing schedule. Test automatically every day, week and month. 

Accurate results based on units and colors. Many accurate results at once.



Automate your tests and get accurate results within minutes while saving hassle time and money.

Link your Bot to the water you want to test and to the WIFI. Download the app, test and get results. 

Testers and parts

Can work under many types of test kits