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Polyp Lab

PolypLab Polyp-Booster

Polyp Lab Polyp-Booster

Dosage: 1ml per 60 gallons of aquarium water 2-3 times per week.

Polyplab objectives have never been so clear: Research, simplicity and Results. Since our more than humble beginning POLYPLAB have succeeded in providing aquarists with efficient and simple solutions… Now it’s time to give more.

Based on extensive research, hundred of observations and thousand’s of feedback from specialists and users from around the world, we believe that we have reached a new milestone in both aquarium husbandry and the aquarium hobby itself. Additives aimed at improving coral well being, growth and coloration exists all around the world each working on different concepts and targeting on very specifics aspects of the animal behavior and its environment. Many of these additives are very specialized, targets specifics coral species and bring a higher level of complexity and cost in the maintenance of an aquarium. At POLYPLAB we believe in simplicity and we are proud to introduce our new products: POLYP-BOOSTER

Already known for its phenomenal performance in coral growth and coloration, Reef-Roids have shown for the past 7 years that external supplementation can be beneficial for inverts in growth rate. Independent researches have shown that the regular use of Reef-Roids contributed in higher growth rate for scleractinian coral species like Montipora Capitata, Porites Compressa and Pocillopora Damicornis. In addition, numerous reports and video’s of coral polyps extension, generally associated with a feeding response, has been documented after supplementation of Reef-Roids to an aquarium. Nonetheless to say, this reaction is one of the most spectacular behaviors that we can witness in an aquarium. The question to ask is was not to know why, corals love reef-roids, but more how can we do better.

Made from the purest ingredients and filtered to achieve the most concentrated product possible we are glad to introduce POLYP-BOOSTER. With 18 amino-acids and 12 fatty acids present POLYP-BOOSTER brings a broad spectrum of compounds that will make your coral happy. As for the spectacular, POLYP-BOOSTER can trigger feeding response of scleractinian corals, reactive to Reef-Roids, in less than 30 seconds.

POLYP-BOOSTER advantage:

  • Trigger feeding response with reactive corals, fish, inverts and crustacean
  • Trigger feeding response in less than 30 seconds
  • Contains 18 Amino-Acids (60% of dry weight)
  • Contains 12 Fatty Acids (20 % of dry weight)
  • Astaxanthin pigment from natural source as high as 120 ppm
  • Contains bio-peptides molecules use in human pharma products development
  • Increase Corals food absorption of ANY given coral food on the market (less waste)

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