Korallen-Zucht Zeovit ZEObak

The essential microorganism solution for a healthy, well-balanced and efficient bacterial fauna in a tank. ZEObak contains several bacterial strains, used in combination with ZEOfood andZEOstart building up bacteria plankton. That is absorbed by many corals. Contains several bacterial strains that form a chain to reduce unwanted substances.

Vertex RX-Z 1.5 ZEOlite Reactor - German engineering, exceptional build quality.

  • Holds 1.5 L of ZEOlith Media
  • Made of high quality acrylic, strong PVC base and lid
  • Extremely low vibration and noise
  • Multiple union valves to plumbing
  • Total height: 500mm (approximately: 19.5")
  • Chamber diameter: 120mm (approximately 4.7")
  • Foot-Print; 195 x 140 mm (approximately 7.6" x 5.5")
  • Eheim Compact 600 pump
  • Titanium Screws

1. Dose directly into the tank.
2. If possible please switch off the skimmer briefly.
3. Dose 1 drop per 25 gallons/100 L once or twice a week, depending on tank stocking.