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Korallen-Zucht Zeovit Flatworm Stop

From the creator Thomas Pohl

“It is not medicine. It is more a worm blocker than a worm medicine or toxin. It is a biological, natural and secure way to help corals. It contains natural ingredients and natural additions reducing flatworms. The corals take that into the tissue so the worm eats it directly.

We have 95 % less flatworms since dosing FlatwormStop.

The corals are much more colorful, healthy and grow much better.

All kind of corals react very positive to FlatwormStop.

FlatwormStop will also has great effect on corals without flatworms. We had e.g. lots of "old" corals from "old" imports which had problems since they were imported, they recovered. As well as the corals which never made good bases/feet, theses species make a much better basis now. This is a great side effect!

Long term dosage is necessary, minimum 3 months. After that time you get much better corals in much better colors when you have good water levels in your system.

It has effects on corals and their Flatworms (parasitic coral eating flatworms), not on red planaria living on the rock and sand.”

The easiest way that is was described to me was that basically it helps the coral produce more slime so the flat worm can’t get its head through the slime enough to eat, thus slowly starving the worm to death.  This also prevents a massive die off that traditional methods cause when trying to get rid of flat worms.

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