Hydor E-SK 1000 DC Controllable Protein Skimmer

The New line of Hydor E-SK DC skimmers represent state of the art design and performance. All 3 of the E-SK models are designed for in-sump use and feature a pipeless outflow that allows the E-SK Skimmer to fit well into more compact sump designs. The E-SK skimmers are equipped with their extremely quiet and efficient Seltz-D DC skimmer pumps which are tuned and fitted with a Hydor-designed impeller to deliver an excellent air-water mixture for efficient skimming.


  • DC pump for adjustable air/water flow
  • Virtually silent
  • Hidden Silencer
  • Easy maintenance
  • Built-in 80-second startup delay
  • 5 minute feed mode

The E-SK has some notable innovations such as the removable neck inside of the collection cup. This makes cleaning out this traditionally cramped area much easier. These skimmers also include a drain hose with valve for easy emptying without having to remove the collection cup from the skimmer. We also appreciate the memory backup feature which allows the skimmer to return to its previous power settings, as well as the built-in starting delay which keeps the pump from starting up immediately and overflowing the collection cup after a power loss.

Recommended Sizing

  • Light Bioload: 250 Gallons
  • Medium Bioload: 180 Gallons
  • Heavy Bioload: 140 Gallons
  • Footprint : 8.7”W x 8.7”L
  • Height : 21.6”
  • Recommended Water Depth : 7.8” to 11.8”
  • Air Flow : 300 to 800 LPH

Hydor E-SK 1000 DC Skimmer Body

Hydor Seltz-D Pump

Hydor Seltz-D Controller

Power Adapter

Drain Hose with Valve