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Giesemann Futura LED Fixture


  • Stylish Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Body w/ Tough High Gloss Twin Layer Powder Coat Finish available in black or white
  • CREE X-series high-power LED's offering 20% more output
  • Loss-free secondary optics narrow-angle/wide-angle
  • 0-100% Dimmable 5-Channel LED Boards
    - Fully Wireless Controlled via Bluetooth
    - Up to 4320 programmable set points over the light period
    - Wireless connectivity and networking with other FUTURA units
    - Cloud and Storm Simulation / Real Time Lunar Simulation etc.
    - Multi-point Daytime Plot System via Class Leading FUTURA Software

The Pinnacle of LED Lighting Technology and Style!

Giesemann's FUTURA-S luminair is the flagship of the LED range.

"...incorporating one of the highest light output to
power consumption ratios on the market..."

The FUTURA features 88 watts of equivalent output per board for just 66W consumption. Combined with stunning build quality, reliability, and style while also combining a host of class-leading features and software.

The FUTURA comes available in 2/3/4/5/6 module platforms making it the ideal lighting solution for virtually any sized aquarium and is available in both MARINE and TROPICAL format for planted aquaria.


The FUTURA's control software produces realistic sunrise-sunset effects. It features fully programmable day cycle light scenarios, cloud transitions, and real-time moonlight simulations while being easy to manipulate from a simple yet incredibly flexible group of programing features.


Unlike many LED units that use beam forming, the FUTURA’s 120-degree beam angle and multi module design ensures that light enters the aquarium in a wide range of angles similar to that delivered by proven highly successful methodology such as traditional combined HQI/T5 lighting systems.

With its wide beam overlapping multi-module output, the FUTURA offers the most even light distribution for any LED available to date. It boasts one of the widest full spectrum frequency ranges on the market, running from a low 390nm upper band TRU-UV, right up to 790nm and beyond. The FUTURA ensures excellent depth penetration by overlapping the output from several wide spread arrays, building up intensity to gain depth punch without sacrificing even distribution. The FUTURA effectively floods the aquarium with light and encourages deflection from side panes at shallow angles, thereby limiting excessive shading which has been linked to poor coral growth and high mortality rates.

The FUTURA’s wide coverage and even distribution also offers considerable cost savings against the equivalent in multi-module arrays to cover the same area whilst avoiding the spotlight effect.


The FUTURA's high-level performance is ensured by a sophisticated micro-processor controlled Active Cooling System with the latest heat sink structures. The stylish but functional housing offers a combination of narrow and wide-angle illumination and maximum glare protection. The modular design means FUTURA can be developed and expanded at a later date by applying the latest firmware and replacing used modules.


Just one of the advanced features of the FUTURA software is Point-Point programmability where each channel and each board within the array can be independently programmed with various set points across the light period by the user.

"...each channel and each board within the array can be independently programmed with various set points across the light period..."

The total number of set-points available is a staggering 4320, meaning the FUTURA stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to virtually unlimited programming capacity.

This allows for both realistic daylight intensity adjustment over the full spectrum and light cycle and fine adjustment of the light field colour rendition across the lit period. A realistic replication of sunset and sunrise phases, on through the daytime high intensity period, and back into low intensity full night and moonlight phases, plus the capacity to have a non-fixed focal point of intensity (sun shift)... a feature unique to the FUTURA. 


Intuitive control software for your MAC, Windows PC or any Android device, makes adjusting your AURORA-HYBRID comfortable and simple. Bluetooth technology avoiding the need for problematic online web servers or Wi-Fi connections and router set-ups.


With the integrated controller, there is NOTHING more to buy.


All components are manufactured and assembled completely in Germany by Giesemann Aquaristik.


Runs perfectly cool and produces virtually no noise. 

Dimensions Height 45 mm  /  Width 290mm
Length 450 mm  650 mm 950 mm 1250 mm 1550 mm
Weight     9,1 kg 10,2 kg 16,4 kg
Equipment 2 LED-Module 3 LED Module  4 LED-Module 5 LED-Module 6 LED-Module
Equipment per 
20 CREE X-Series LED‘s: 
8 x Cool White B1 (containing 18% red/ 7% orange/11% yellow/ 37% green)
1 x Green (490-560 nm) 
1 x Red (630- 790 nm) 
4 x Royal Blue (410- 430 nm) 
1 x TRU-UV royal violet 390- 400 nm) 
1 x Blue (465 nm) 
4 x Blue (430- 480 nm)
Provides a biologically essential mix of all primary colours with preferred accentuation of individual colour channels. Cross channel mixing of LEDs limits the possibility of adverse manipulation of the colour channels to a biologically damaging level.
Power efficiency The FUTURA has one of the lowest power consumption relative to light output ratings for any LED fixture available, with each board consuming just 65w whilst delivering the equivalent of 85w output (eg 170w for the Futura 2). Compared to some alternate units running at 160w consumption whilst only delivering an equivalent 90w output.
Total equivalent output / Actual Consumption 170 Watt / 130 Watt ca. 10200 Lumen 255 Watt / 195 Watt ca. 15300 Lumen 340 Watt / 260 Watt ca. 20400 Lumen 425 Watt / 325 Watt ca. 25500 Lumen 510 Watt / 390 Watt ca. 30600 Lumen
Optics Loss free 120°  No-beam forming.
Finish Matt silver anodised.
Optional: "PURE" (Gloss White).
Mounting Optional: Variable Steel Suspension Cable.
Optional: Mounting bracket for attachment to aquarium rim.
Illumination Saltwater up to 80 cm (dependent on stock type).
Control Independent control of 5 color channels per module with integrated electronics. Programming on Windows or MAC PC with integrated Bluetooth. Alternative control via App software on tablet or smartphone with android operating system 3.0 or later. With apple in preparation. Profile save facility allows storage and sharing of infinite user generated profiles.
Cooling Cooling: high density heat sink supported by secondary
Active Cooling: Software controlled variable speed fan assisted.
Security Temporary shutdown on overheating, whilst passively cooling before automatic restart.
Power supply 110-240V, 50-60Hz.
1 supply line
110-240V, 50-60Hz.
2 Supply line


Mounting options: Adjustable suspension kit, with tank mount option available.

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