FeedMe Algae Phyto

  • FeedMe™ Phyto is a LIVE blend of three species of aquacultured phytoplankton: NannochloropsisTetraselmis, and Isochrysis. It provides high protein, Omega-3, and natural algae amino acids to your filter feeders and coral.

    Phytoplankton are a natural food for many filter feeding invertebrates. Dosing phytoplankton provides a nutritional boost for the clams, filter feeding corals and other beneficial invertebrates like copepods in your marine aquarium.

    Phyto is perfect for your small to mid sized applications. Add 1-5 mL per 10 gallons of water to your ecosystem and feed your coral what they eat in the wild. Phyto contains NO toxins, chemicals, or preservatives. Our products are contaminant free.

    Made in the USA. All of our products are cultivated in a sterile and hermetically sealed environment in Cumming, GA.