Ecotech Marine Vectra Centrifugal Pump

When it comes to aquarium return or closed loop flow, Vectra pumps are the smartest in the world. Features include; DC drive, program modes, in-line or submersible configuration and ESL controllability.

Vectra Modes

Return Pump Modes

Constant Speed Mode
Constant Speed mode is the default mode of the Vectra, this makes the pump produce flow at a constant speed that is determined by the position of the dial.

Feed Mode
At the touch of a button the Vectra pump will temporarily pause the current mode and idle allowing food to be added to the tank without being cycled into the overflow and filtration.

Speed Lock
Speed Lock gives you the ability to lock in a desired speed on the pump by disabling the control dial protecting you from accidental and not so accidental unwanted changes in speed.

Closed Loop Modes

Lagoonal Random
Lagoonal Random Mode simulates a low-energy lagoon environment. The speed of the pump is changed slowly to recreate the gentle currents of a lagoon.

Reef Crest Random
Reef Crest Random Mode simulates a high-energy reef environment. The pump will change speed frequently and drastically to simulate crashing waves and surging tide. This is a favorite of SPS coral.

Gyre Mode creates a flow pattern consisting of uniform clockwise and counterclockwise flow levels pulsing at a selected interval between two seconds and two hours.

ESL via Mobile Device
All Vectra pumps are compatible with ReefLink. ReefLink provides completely wireless access to the world of EcoSmart Live, the web-based aquarium command center from EcoTech Marine.

Battery Backup Mode
Blizzard. Hurricane. A motorist hits a utility pole. Stuff happens. The power goes out… Vectra pumps are compatible with the EcoTech Battery Backup accessory.


• Quiet Operation

The QuietDrive technology as used in the VorTech line is now available for the heart of your aquarium: the return pump. • Communicates with QD and EcoSmart compatible devices • Motor noise minimization technology - nearly silent.

Operational efficiency

Battery Backup

In an aquarium with no flow, fish and corals begin to die in as little as 4 to 10 hours. The Battery Backup is reef tank insurance in an aluminum housing. By adding the Battery Backup, your tank is isolated from power interruptions, helping protect your valuable investment - and your tank inhabitants.


Your Vectra pump is a feature-rich web-enabled device with all of the innovation you have grown to expect from EcoTech Marine. Out of the box you can control your Vectra using the QuietDrive driver. Cycle your settings, choose a mode, and enter a feed mode right through the control knobs and buttons. In addition, the Vectra really shines when connected to the power of EcoSmart Live through the ReefLink. Using ESL, the Vectra can be programmed with daily schedules that give you ultimate flexibility. ESL allows you to synchronize your Vectra with VorTech pumps to take full advantage of nutrient transport mode. The Vectra will allow you to cycle more water to your sump and skimmer exactly when detritus has been stirred up into your water column.

Cost Savings

Traditional AC pumps when used as a return pump for your sump are flow controlled through the use of a choke valve. This is method of control is inherently inefficient for two reasons. 1) The AC pump purchased must often be over-powered for your given setup to allow for flexibility. 2) By adding artificial impedance to your flow, electricity is wasted. The Vectra pump will always operate at the optimum efficiency because there is no need to use a flow restricting valve to achieve your desired flow rate.

Active Feedback

When used with the ReefLink, your Vectra pump can send you performance and status alerts right to your mobile device or computer. Your return pump is the heart of your aquarium; The faster you hear about an unexpected issue the more successful you will be as an aquarist.

Vectra Flexibility
Return or Closed Loop

Return Pump Closed Loop
(Can be used submersed or inline)
The Vectra pumps feature a sealed motor and magnetic drive for internal and external operation as a return pump or closed loop flow. The Vectra’s flexibility will fit the needs of your system.

Two distinct operational configurations
Return pump features Calibration and Speed Lock
Closed loop features Random and Pulsing modes
Inline and Submersed



Submersed Inline
When using as a return pump the Vectra can be run either submersed or inline.
Adjustable Volute

The Volute can be rotated for alternative plumbing configurations.
Using the QuickCouple connector
Installation of the connector requires the correct size plumbing and ABS cement.
Slide the Union Collar onto the pipe with the thread side pointing down.
Apply ABS cement to the inside of the Union Coupling and slide on to the bottom of the pipe. Make sure to allow the ABS cement to properly dry before operation.

Vectra with ReefLink and EcoSmart Live

EcoSmart Live is EcoTech Marine’s web-based aquarium command center.
Control your Vectra pumps, VorTech pumps and Radion LED lighting from anywhere in the world through a web enabled device. (iOS and Android supported)

Ecotech Vortech S1


  • Flow: 1400gph (5300lph)
  • Max Head Pressure: 11.5 feet (3.5 m)
  • Dimmensions: 6" x 3.5" x 5.5"


  • Input: 1 inches (25mm)
  • Output .75 inches (19mm)


  • Wattage: 55 watts




Pump Type: Centrifugal / DC
Flow:2000 gph (7500 lph)
Pressure: 21.5' (6.5m)
Wattage: 80W

Return Mode:Yes
Closed Loop Mode:Yes
Feed Mode:Yes
Battery Backup Compatible: Yes


Pump Type: Centrifugal /  DC
Flow: 3100 gph (11500 lph)
Pressure: 21.5' (6.5m)
Wattage: 130W

Programmable: Yes
Return Mode: Yes
Closed Loop Mode: Yes
ESL/ReefLink: Yes
Feed Mode: Yes
Battery Backup Compatible: Yes