ECORAY 112D LED Reef and Aquarium Light

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  • Wider Angle Lenses (more light spread)
  • Super Quiet Fans
  • Overall Color Temperature 20,000K – 25,000K

Features and Benefits:

Brighter than Metal Halide HQI
Designed for tanks 2 to 5 feet deep, 600+ PAR value at 24″ from center is more than double that of a 250W Metal Halide HQI. New, specially designed lenses provide the best combination of high PAR and light spread. For a  24” deep tank, use one Ecoray 112D for approximately 27” x 18” area to provide 150+ PAR at 24” around the perimeter of the 27” x 18” area, increasing to 600+ PAR toward the center. For larger coverage, place it higher above the water level. Deeper tanks will automatically get larger coverage. 150+ PAR is generally considered to be the minimum lighting requirement for LPS corals while clams and SPS corals generally require 300+ PAR. Do not be confused with many low PAR LED units in the market claiming large coverage area for similar or higher wattage, these units generally produce only 40-100 PAR at 24” from center (one fifteenth to one sixth the PAR of Ecoray 112D). These low PAR LED units do not provide adequate lighting intensity and they are not suitable for reef aquariums with LPS and SPS corals.

300+ PAR at 24” from center with only Blue LEDs on
Turn on the Blue LEDs only and watch the intense colors of your corals.

Click here to see PAR Demonstration (Ecoray 60)

Up to 100 lumens per watt
Latest generation High Power 1 Watt LED produces up to 100 lumens per watt, more than 50% higher lumens output compared to older generation 1 Watt LED.  The 112 1 watt LEDs combined are brighter and more efficient than 37  3 watt LEDs, with much lower heat.

Check out this article by Dr. Sanjay Joshi comparing light intensity and distribution of Ecoray 112D against other LED manufacturers

Cooler operation
With 1 Watt LEDs, an aluminum PCB, a thick aluminum base plate that serves as heat sink and super quiet cooling fans,  the Ecoray 112D produces an LED junction temperature of only 56 °C (133 °F), far lower than the 88 °C  (190 °F) allowable maximum.

Modular design
Fits most reef tank sizes.  For full coverage, place Ecoray 112Ds 6 to 7 inches apart.  Get larger spread and wider separation by placing Ecoray 112D higher above the water level.  Install either the short or the long side facing the front.  For example:
-a tank 4 feet wide by 20” front to back width, 24″ deep, would use 2 Ecoray 112D with the long side facing the front.
-a tank 6 feet wide by 30” front to back width, 24″ deep, would use 4 Ecoray 112D with the short side facing the front.

Save 50% energy
Use at least 50% less energy than 250 W Metal Halide lights, while getting much higher intensity. Generally, replace one 250 W Metal Halide with one Ecoray 112D to provide similar light spread.

Eliminate Metal Halide bulb replacement costs
Metal Halide requires bulb replacement every 6 to 9 months at a cost of $60 to $80 per bulb. LEDs have life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours.

Eliminate cooling costs
Due to the intense heat generated by Metal Halide lighting, a separate cooling system is usually required that consumes additional energy and expense.

All Aluminium Housing
The high quality, corrosion-resistant, light weight, all aluminum housing is designed to last a long time over your reef aquarium. Most competitors’ models are made of painted steel which will corrode in 12 months or less.

Completely Sealed Electronics
PCB board, LEDs and all electronics are completely sealed to prevent moisture and air from entering the sealed area. Drivers are located outside the sealed area to allow for easy replacement, if necessary.

Compact, Light Weight and Simple
No separate, heavy ballast boxes or an on/off switch. Simply plug  the Ecoray 112D into your timer, and then into an electrical outlet.

Highly competitve pricing
1 Year Limited Warranty


56 White High Power 1 Watt LED, Color Temperature 12,000K – 16,000K
56 Royal Blue High Power 1 Watt LED, Wave Length 450-460 nms
Overall Color Temperature 20,000K – 25,000K
130 W, 110 V – 240 V, Dual 12 ft electrical cords
2 Built-in fans
All Aluminium Housing 19.6” x 11.3” x 2.34”, 13.9 lbs
Supporting L Brackets (not shown in photo) and hanging wire included

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