Coralvue Hydros Wifi Power Strip

The HYDROS Power 4 WiFi Power Strip is a smart power bar designed to work specifically with the HYDROS platform. The Power 4 has four 120V AC outlets and four USB ports that are WiFi controllable using the HYDROS app for Android and iOS/Apple mobile devices. You can turn outlets on and off wirelessly over a 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency. The Power 4 has a signal range of 98 feet, so you can place power strips around your home without any difficulty connecting to your modem or router. The wireless connectivity means you can control multiple Power 4 Power Strips free from the constraints of a cable, so you can place the power strips anywhere in your home. You might use a couple of Power 4’s to power your display tank, place another in the garage to use for a saltwater mixing station, and have units in each of your children’s bedrooms to turn even beginner tanks into smart aquariums. The beauty of it is that you can control all these different outlets that are being used for different purposes using a single app.


Through the HYDROS app, you can create rules and schedules to control different pieces of aquarium equipment, like pumps, powerheads, lights, heaters, algae scrubbers, UV sterilizers, protein skimmers, and whatever else you may want to control on demand or put on a schedule. The USB ports are ideal for connecting and controlling aquarium cooling fans which you can program to turn on if your aquarium water gets too warm and then turn back off automatically when the water drops back within ideal ranges. You can also monitor the outlets on your Power 4 power strip. If an outlet fails or loses its WiFi connection, you will be immediately notified via alerts to your mobile device. This safety feature can help prevent a tank catastrophe.


Each of the four outlets can be controlled individually while the four USB ports are controlled as one. The outlets have individual LED indicators and the USB ports have a single LED indicator. The status LEDs to indicate whether an outlet is on or off.


  • Dimensions: 7.8" x 4" x 1.1"
  • Power:  AC 120V
  • Outlets: 4x AC Outlets  |  4x USB Ports
  • Total Power Rating: 10A/1250W
  • Total USB Power: 2A
  • WiFi Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Max Range: 98 ft.
  • Weight: 483g


1x HYDROS Power 4 WiFi Power Strip