Bulk Small Particle Lignite Aquarium Carbon

Bulk Small Particle Lignite Carbon is a great option to remove yellowing pigments, contaminants and irritants from your tank. Both our Small and Large Particle Lignite carbon offer very good performance, high-value and low-cost.

  • Small Particle is slightly more effective than Large Particle but with more dust
  • Large Particle is easier to use

Bulk Lignite Carbon Specifications

  • Molasses Decolorizing efficiency 85 MIN
  • Dust% 0.40 Max
  • Iodine Number 625
  • Surface Area M2/g 650
  • Total pore Volume mL/g 0.95
  • Washed with Hydrochloric Acid
  • Food Chemical Codex: Passes

Carbon is not created equal. Different sizes, shapes, and materials will perform with drastically varying results.