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Bulk Reef Supply

BRS Bulk Kalkwasser (Calcium Hydroxide) Aquarium Supplement


Kalkwasser - This will be used for daily dosing to maintain calcium and alkalinity levels as well as elevate the tanks pH.  Because this product does elevate the pH, it is important to dose slowly in small amounts.  This product is designed to be used daily to continually replace calcium and alkalinity as it is consumed and not to make large adjustments.


Calcium Chloride - This is used to make larger adjustments to calcium levels. This product has no effect on the tank's pH so it is possible to make larger changes to calcium levels in single doses.


Sodium Bicarbonate - This is used to make larger adjustments to the tank's alkalinity levels. Sodium bicarbonate does have a small temporary lowering effect on the tank's pH. It is possible to make relatively large adjustments to the tank's alkalinity without a major impact on the tank's pH but it is wise to monitor the tank's pH while dosing.


Magnesium Mix - Dosed occasionally to maintain magnesium levels. Maintaining correct magnesium levels helps prevent calcium and alkalinity from precipitating and makes maintaining correct parameters much easier.