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Brightwell Aquatics NeoMarine Salt 150 gallon bucket

  • Extensively-researched and tested over a multi-year period, with a formulation based on current understanding of Marine Chemistry and Marine Biology as they pertain to the husbandry of all marine aquaria (e.g. reef, mixed reef, FOWLR, fish-only, mangrove, sea grass, lagoonal, brackish, etc.).
  • Precision-formulated to replicate the natural seawater ratios of every major element, as well as all non-conservative minor and trace elements.
  • Creates a marine environment so chemically-similar to natural seawater in all important respects that aquarium inhabitants are not likely to discern any difference between water prepared with NēoMarine and filtered natural seawater from tropical reef waters.
  • Contains USP- and ACS Reagent-grade ingredients.
  • 134 g per 1 US-gallon (3.785 L) of purified water yields a specific gravity of ~1.025 g/cm3, with a pH of ~8.30 and alkalinity of ~7.5 dKH.
  • Manufactured by Brightwell Aquatics in our production facility (not outsourced) under the strictest standards of quality. Every batch is lot numbered and sampled for quality control.
  • Utilizes a production process that promotes particle size uniformity and a dry, homogenous salt blend.
  • Formulated by a marine scientist; not composed of seawater evaporite.

Additional Information

What’s in NēoMarine:

  • Anhydrous-only forms of major elements
  • Average Mg, Ca, K, and Sr concentrations of 1,290-, 413-, 399-, and 8 ppm, respectively
  • All non-conservative minor and trace elements found in seawater
  • Sufficient salt to reconstitute purified water of the stated package volume to 1.025 g/cm3
  • Our commitment that this salt blend is the best you have ever used

 What’s not in NēoMarine:

  • Anti-caking agents
  • Vitamins, amino acids, and other unnecessary organic substances
  • Hydrated forms of major elements such as magnesium and calcium
  • Saltwater evaporite (e.g. dehydrated saltwater)
  • Ammonia*
  • Phosphate*

 *Ammonia and phosphate are undetectable in water prepared to 1.025 g/cm3 using Hach standard test kits with reagents within the usable dates.  Every batch is tested and results are logged.


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