BioTek Marine Nylon Filter Socks 7" x 12"

BioTek Marine Nylon Filter Socks 7" x 12" filter socks are quite possible the best filter socks available anywhere.  Made from a nylon material, these socks will last through dozens of cleanings.  Your typical felt type filter socks have to be replaced after 3 or 4 uses.  Some aquarists wash felt type socks in the dishwasher or washing machine.  The one time I tried the washing machine method it stunk up the laundry room and part of the house for a few days.  Our BioTek Marine socks can be easily be washed out with a garden house or a sink with a decent amount of water pressure.  We've even used them by filling them about 1/3 of the way up with carbon as an affordable way to run carbon without a separate carbon reactor.

  • Dozens of cleanings possible before replacement needed
  • Available in 100, 200, 300 and 400 micron
  • Standard 4" plastic ring x 11" long
  • Double Stitched
  • Durable