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Atman Ph2500 Skimmer Pump with Needle Wheel Impeller Sca-303

Protein skimmer removes certain compounds, including proteins and amino acids found in food particles, by using the polarity of protein itself. Due to their intrinsic charge, water-borne proteins are either repelled or attracted by the air/water interface and these molecule can be described as hydrophilic. A good skimmer pump will generating a large air/water interface, specifically by injecting large numbers of bubbles into the water column. The smaller the bubbles the more effective the protein skimmer is because the surface area of small bubbles occupying the same volume is much greater than the same volume of larger bubbles.

  • Atman PH2500 Skimmer Pump With needle wheel impeller produce micro bubble
  • AC 110-120V 60Hz 45.5 Watt Designed for USA and Canada use only
  • 2400 LPH or 700 GPH (water flow is different when used as skimmer pump)
  • Ideal Replacement pump for most skimmers available in the market now
  • Replacement pump for SC Aquariums SCA-303 150 gallon skimmer

  • 1 year Limited manufacture replacement warranty.

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