AquaFX Octopus RO/DI with Mounted Booster Pump (100 -300 GPD)

How to setup your system:

The AquaFX™ Pump Mounted Line has been developed to bring you a state of Reverse Osmosis efficiency that has never before been realized. We start with the best, DOW Sheeted ‘Aqua Engineering & Equipment’ RO Membrane which offers the highest rejection rate of any RO element available, hands down. All RO membranes will perform better when met with higher pressures, our membranes also apply to this simple principle. By increasing feed pressures, we are able to minimize TDS as it leaves the RO membrane, which will in turn help your DI last up to twice as long. This efficient approach to RO, paired along with our Premium Mixed Bed DI Resin allows for greatest filter life, along with the cleanest laboratory grade water money can buy.

AquaFX™ Systems are equipped with the finest accouterments that can be found worldwide. Starting with a panel mounted (0-160psi) Pressure Gauge that can gauge operating pressures in addition to indicating a clogged pre-filter situation. AquaFX™ incorporation of an Aluminum bracket truly shows that we are intended to be in a salt heavy environment, and is used in order to prevent any rusting or spotting on the mounting bracket. Keeping pace with your water production, we integrate the prefect selection of pre-filters to assure as little clogging, with as much flow as possible. Under sizing Micron ratings on filters can severely hinder a systems flow, performance and efficiency.

*Microprocessor Controlled 1:1 Waste water Ratio

*High Pressure Bracket Mounted Booster Pump

(Located Post Pre-filtration for extended pump life)

*Extended DI life via automatic Membrane Flush upon Start-up

(Greatly prolong DI life by flushing TDS Creep upon startup!)

*Cyclic Membrane Flush

(Full Membrane Flush upon shutdown to help prevent membrane scaling)

*Built in TDS meter with full (0-99)ppm range

*High and Low Pressure Kill Switches (For pump protection and full system automation)

This RO/DI unit is setup for greatest filter life, with least amount of waste!

All units are made, tested and supported in the USA.

High efficiency 1-micron sediment pre-filter
2-micron chlorine guzzler carbon block pre-filter or our exclusive chlorine and chloramine-removal filters
High flow/ high rejection TFC membrane
High-efficiency color-changing DI cartridge
160 PSI pressure gauge marked with operating and unsafe ranges

All systems include quick connect fittings, a shut off valve, a filter wrench for easy cartridge replacement, and your choice of a feed adapter.

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