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Aquaforest Life Bio Fil Medium

Life Bio Fil is a biological based filter medium that has select bacteria strains. The bacteria selected will help increase the speed of denitrification and also help your tank mature quicker too.

Two Sizes Available:

  • 1200 mL
  • 5000 mL

            Aquaforests Life Bio Fil is a loose media that has a live bacteria ingredient, meaning that will immediately start to work and there is no waiting for the proliferation of bacteria. The bacteria chosen was designed to help speed up the process of nitrification allowing your tank to mature faster.

            Life Bio Fil can be used with:

            • Saltwater
            • Freshwater

                    Suggested to use 1000 mL of Life Bio Fil per 105 gal (400 L) placed in a high flow area of the sump or tank. Every 6 weeks 10%-20% of the medium should be removed and replaced.

                    Note: Contains live bacteria

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