Aqua Forest Fluorine

Concentrated Iodine and Fluorine additive that helps intensify white and blue coloring in stony corals.

Two Sizes Available:

  • 10 mL
  • 50 mL

Caution: Overdosing may cause negative effects.

              Aquaforest Fluorine is a concentrated mixture of fluorine and iodine that helps accelerate the growth of branching corals while intensifying blue and white coloration in SPS corals.

              Fluorine can be used with:

              • SPS corals
              • LPS Corals
              • Soft Corals
              • Clams & other filter feeders

                            Add 1 drop of Fluorine per 100 L (27 gal).

                            Contains: Fluorine, Iodine

                            If you use the Probiotic method or other methods that incorporate zeolite media, it is necessary to add back the elements that the zeolites absorb to minimize starvation of the corals