Aqua Forest AF Power Food

AF Power Food has been specifically developed as a dedicated food source for SPS and LPS corals.

One size available:

  • 20 g

                  Corals require nutrients to thrive and grow, and Aquaforest takes that very seriously. They have designed a powder food source for SPS and LPS corals that is easy to use and will allow your corals to gain the necessary nutrients they require. 

                  AF Power Food can be used with:

                  • SPS corals
                  • LPS Corals

                                  Prepare a small container and fill it with 20 mL (4 tsp) of aquarium water. Add 1 level measuring spoon (per 27 gallons) of AF Power Food to the container and mix for 1 minute. Pour the contents in the tank for broadcast feeding. Using a syringe or pipette the solution can be used for target feeding corals too.