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AlgaGen PhycoPure™ Reef Blend

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PhycoPure™ is a blend of LIVE microalgae specifically assembled for use as a supplement for marine reef aquarium filter feeders and to sustain copepod populations. Aquarists have reported great results feedingPhycoPure Reef Blend to clams, species-specific corals (gorgonians, brain corals, mushroom corals, leathers, montipora, and carnations), feather dusters, tubeworms, sponges and certain anemones.

PhycoPure is composed of different species of microalgae spanning a range of particle sizes (something for everyone). In addition, these species are well recognized for their nutritional properties. All come from temperature acclimated aquaculture strains, pathogen free and cleansed of excess nutrients. PhycoPure is cultured in purified natural Atlantic Ocean water and should be refrigerated. PhycoPure has no preservatives, is not subjected to harsh processing steps and is batch processed to ensure quality.

PhycoPure Reef Blend contains: T- Isochrysus,Rhodomonas, Pavlova, Nannochloropsis, Chaetoceros,Thalassiosira, Zooxanthellae B, and Micromonas,Synechococcus. Whenever possible it is best to spot feed corals and filter feeding inverts from a small syringe or baster. Great results will happen from feeding at a rate of 1 tsp (5ml) per 10 gal every other day. Agitate frequently.Keep refrigerated.

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