700 GPH Overflow Box - 3 1/4"W x 3"D x 5"T


3 ¼”W x 3”D x 5”T

Fitted lid available (SOLD Sperate) keeps out snails and crabs

Works great with 10-55 gallon aquariums

Made from ¼” Black Cast Acrylic

4-Sided (Front, 2 Sides, and Bottom)

All joints are water tight.

Recommended Return Pump of 700 gph or less.

Easy Installation Using Our 100% Silicone Adhesive.

Works great with a Mag 7 pump with 5’ head pressure.

AO Overflows can help turn your reef aquarium into a high performance aquatic environment that will make your coral (particularly your SPS) thrive. Highly effective, the overflow box increases the rate at which surface water is pulled into the filter, reduces surface film and dust by removing water from the area of the aquarium where most organic waste is found. Whether you need to skim water for your sump, your closed head circulation, or external fed powerheads, you should use an overflow box to help protect your inhabitants and provide control over the amount of water leaving your tank.