About Us

Vaquatics was established in 2008 with the idea to serve aquarium enthusiasts locally and branched out to also serve our online enthusiasts. We sell products that are trusted brand names as well as products that we have tested and use in our own tanks. We offer a wide range of saltwater and reef supplies very every level of aquarium needs. With products like Bulk Reef Supply, Maxspect, Reef Octopus, Aqua Illumination, ECORAY and Ecotech Marine, you can setup and maintain a beautiful aquarium with a peace of mind.

We have been in the saltwater aquarium hobby since 1982 and decided to take our love for the ocean and hobby to the next level. In 2007 when we began to research owning a business. After a year of research we opened our doors in 2008.

Starting with a handful of products and a full head of steam we set out to become a customer first oriented company rather than seeing our customer as just another number. As hobbyists first we know the feeling so we wanted to ensure that we do our best not to make our customers have that feeling.

Making Reefing Affordable!SM