Prodibio BIOKit Marine

Prodibio BIOKit Marine Information


BIO DIGEST for optimum water quality.  BIO TRACE - trace elements to speed up metabolic rates.  REEF BOOSTER quality food for corals.  IODI+ and STRONTI+ precisely measured supplements. Is composed of selected nitrifying and nitrate/phosphate reducing bacterial strains. BIO DIGEST establishes biological filtration, and cleans aquariums biologically by digesting waste matter by means of nine optimally proportioned strains of heterotrophic bacteria including - Paracoccus denitrificans and Pseudomonas stuzerii    

These bacteria perform complementary functions, with each strain taking over where its predecessor left off, cleaning soil and filters, purifying, reducing nitrates and phosphates and preventing the growth of algae. By competing for food they also prevent the proliferation of pathogenic organisms, improving water quality and thus reducing the risk of unexplained diseases. Since bacterial strains reproduce at different rates, the proportions between them soon start to vary. To readjust optimum proportions add one ampoule of BIO DIGEST every fortnight for up to 1,000 liters of water. If you wish to speed up the purification process do not increase the dose, but use more frequently, for example every week.    

Trace elements are essential for every living organism. BIO TRACE includes SULPHUR for proteins, IRON for plants and fish blood, Cobalt for B vitamins and BORON for many products metabolized during tissue building and organic breakdown. In aquariums essential trace elements, needed for all biological activity, are consumed by algae, plants, invertebrates, etc... And neutralized or eliminated by the skimmer and activated charcoal. The decomposition of waste also eliminates a significant number of trace elements, leading to obvious  signs of trace element deficiency. This may stop all bacterial activity and cause a general slowing of the purification process, resulting in: Stagnant water, proliferation of algae, lifeless fish, stunted plants, etc. BIO TRACE speeds up the reproduction of purifying bacteria and the production of aquarium waste digesting enzymes by up to 10 times. BIO TRACE combined with BIO DIGEST revitalizes the aquarium, restores VIGOUR and HEALTH to both fresh and salt water. This results in clearer, healthier water, livelier fish and invertebrates that flourish. 

Composition :  Essential nutrient trace elements: Boron, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Potassium, Sulphur, Zinc, etc.   

Average dose : Every two weeks BIO TRACE: 1 amp/200 liters.      

 REEF BOOSTER has been perfected with the assistance of fish-keeping experts, from products which are highly effective in starting off the larvae of crustaceans, mollusks and bivalves. Experience shows that in a properly equipped aquarium, adding a high quality and balanced food, encourages the development of corals and microscopic plant-life. This also reduces nitrates and phosphates by naturally feeding the anaerobic bacteria of live rocks. The corals use the Omega-3 fatty acids of REEF BOOSTER to stabilize the chloroplastids in which photosynthesis of zooxanthellae takes place, and to prevent bleaching. The most noticeable effects are the expansion of hermatypical corals, Plerogyra and Euphyllia and the deployment of ahermatypical polyps Scleronephtya, Tubastraea, Gorgonian corals... when the cloud of food is present. The effects on development are visible after a few weeks.  

Composition :  Phospholipids, amino acids, marine type fatty acids, vitamins, carotenoids.  

Average dose :   1 Ampoule to 400 liters once a week stopping skimmer and filter for half an hour.      

Iodine supplement for reef aquarium. Iodine performs a very important role as a trace element in the aquarium environment. Invertebrates need it for coloration and for adapting to lighting variations. Then it helps combat coral bleaching neutralizing the excess oxygen produced by zooxanthellae under excessive lighting. It is eliminated by the algae and invertebrates in the aquarium, by the protein skimmer and the active carbon, and by dispersion into the atmosphere. IODI+ is an iodine/iodide compound that contains all the forms of iodine required for coral development and coloration.    

One ampoule of IODI+ contains 76 mg of iodine.   This allows you to control the quantity of Iodine you are adding in your tank.   

Average dose :    1 ampoule per 400 liters every two weeks.    

Keep away from children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.    

Strontium is an essential trace element in the reef aquarium environment. It stimulates growth in hard corals and assists in the development of the red calcareous that produce the live rock decor. This organism fixes strontium in its skeleton along with calcium, so the strontium demand is constant.  In a reef aquarium environment the strontium is rapidly depleted. STRONTI+ adds all the strontium needed for healthy growth of coral, clams, and limestone algae. Each capsule contains 130 mg of strontium. This allows you to control the quantity of Iodine you are adding in your tank. In a reef aquarium, the strontium diminishes proportionally with the calcium, so you can gauge the strontium demand by examining the calcium content.    

Average dose :   One capsule per 400 liters every week. 

Keep away from children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.