Marine Liquid Water Care Supplements

Aquarium supplements is a general term used to describe products that help make your aquarium water healthy and habitable for fish, marine invertebrates,corals and plants.

Since yourreef aquarium is a closed system, you need to replenish the water with major, minor and trace elements to recreate the natural conditions you’d find in an actual ocean reef. Corals, clams, marine invertebrates and even plants use these elements to grow and thrive. It’s important to test youraquarium water parameters regularly so you can dose your tank with the proper aquarium additives to help mimic real-world ocean conditions as much as possible.

This all sounds a bit complicated, but that’s why we’re here for! The easiest (and most important) way to “dose” your tank is by simply performing regularwater changes. Yet, depending how stocked your tank is with livestock, changing the water by itself may not be enough. Plants and animals deplete aquarium water of vital elements, which must be manually restored (by you) in order to having a thriving tank.

Some of the most popular and widely used reef supplements aretwo-part calcium and alkalinity solutions,aquarium water conditioner,coral amino acids,reef trace elements, tap water dechlorinators,coral food andcoral dip. We only stock our shelves with trusted brands likeRed Sea,Seachem,Kent Marine,Brightwell Aquatics,Two Little Fishies andESV.

We are happy to share which would be the best reef aquarium supplements for your tank. Give us call or send us an email so we can explain how elements like magnesium, iodine/iodide and strontium can benefit your corals, anemones, crustaceans and other marine life.