Neptune Systems

The Apex AquaController System is the best way to have complete control over your aquarium.

But, what if two companies could come together to give you even more control? That’s what happens when you purchase the Apex Controller System along with any Apex Ready certified product.

Then you connect Apex Ready certified products to your Apex System, many new options will unfold. For instance, how about having your LED lights dim or change color temperature at the touch of your iPad? Or have them simulate sunrise and sunset? How about programming your Tunze or VorTech pumps for some serious wave action at one time of the day and then to be calm at night? That’s what you get when you pair up the Apex System and an Apex Ready certified product.

Products can either be Apex Ready or Apex Ready+. If the product is Apex Ready+, it has even more advanced features when it interconnects with the Apex (sometimes additional Apex modules may be required). For instance, the EcoTech Radion lights are Apex Ready+ and therefore can be programmed for basic options like dimming, but they you will also be able to program random lightning storms, moonlighting, sunrise/sunset and more.

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