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Klir Di-7

The Klir Filter eliminates the hassle of hosing, machine-washing and constantly swapping worn-out filter socks

Results in crystal clear water filtered down to 50-microns — double the filtering capacity of most filter-socks.

Waste is removed from the water column before it has time to breakdown, helping to maintain low nutrient parameters!

The constant chore of monitoring and swapping filter socks or other mechanical media every few days is eliminated for months at a time. Once the filtering media is exhausted, replacing it is a snap and very economical.

  • Fully automatic
  • Directly replaces 7-inch filter socks
  • Holds 50 yards of 50-micron fleece
  • Capable of filtering up to 1,800 GPH per unit
  • Add a second (slave) unit for $269.99


 Sump with sock-tray (or use the Klir Filter Bracket)

 Capable of holding 1.5 inches of water above the tray

 10 inches of available space below the tray

Hinged for Tight Installations

The Klir Filter hinges to a 90-degree angle, making it easy to install in tight spaces or under stands with low height clearance.

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