Doctor Eco Systems

Doctor Eco Systems is a grass roots organization committed to the overall success of the marine aquarium hobby. We are passionate hobbyists and believe we can make a difference!

Our mission is to improve and simplify the marine aquarium ecosystem with curiosity, science, and transparency.

We’ll achieve our mission by creating a hobby with less reliance on livestock collections and more focus on aquaculture, water conservation, nurturing long and happy lives for our livestock, and fair pricing. This will allow us to naturally grow the number of active and successful hobbyists.

We believe:

  • The more you know about your ecosystem, the more successful you will be.
  • That more science and fewer opinions are needed in this hobby.
  • That we need to simplify the processes of care as too many fail due to the complexity or cost.
  • Transparency is the right thing to do as a business.
  • There are several excellent forums out there and that they are a great source of information and opinions, but our place is not as a forum but as a scientific resource.

To successfully grow the marine community we believe it’s crucial to have local knowledgeable resources on-hand to help guide new hobbyists through the initial set-up process – including selecting compatible livestock for the ecosystem – and to assist current hobbyists when problems arise.