Aqua Forest Pro Bio S Probiotic Bacteria

Carefully selected Probiotic Bacteria that greatly help maintain water conditions. By absorbing and converting organic materials, nitrate, and phosphate, your aquariums water quality will stay perfect with Pro Bio S.

Two Sizes Available:

  • 10 mL
  • 50 mL

          Liquid probiotic bacterial supplements help maintain and control water quality with the use of beneficial bacteria. The bacteria found in Pro Bio S has been carefully selected to transform phosphate, nitrate, and other organic compounds that will turn into biomass and then can be consumed by corals, or skimmed out of the tank. Another benefit of Pro Bio S is that you will notice less sediments build up on rocks and biomedia.

                  1 drop per 100 liters (27 Gal) daily.

                  Recommended to use with -NP Pro