August 01, 2018 1 min read

The ApexEL is the lower-cost, entry-level version of its big brother, the Apex. The ApexEL shares almost all the features of the flagship Apex product except it does not have built-in ORP, salinity monitoring, or 0-10V ports. It has pH and temperature monitoring and like all Apex Systems it can be expanded with modules and probes later on. The ApexEL includes a pH probe, temperature probe, calibration solutions and the Energy Bar 832 which of course has both power monitoring as well as 1Link and DC24 connections.  It works with Apex Fusion and it is compatible with the upcoming Trident monitoring system.
The best part of the ApexEL is that it allows you to enter the Apexmonitoring and control ecosystem, with tons of expansion capabilities via AquaBus, 1Link, and DC24 connections, for just $499.95!

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