June 28, 2017 1 min read

We have the new EcoTech Marine #radion #xr15 #G4 pro here and wanted to show you guys a quick unboxing of our store display as well as the difference in the lens from a G3 to a G4.

As you can see they come with the basics and very nicely packaged. The size of the unit and the controls all appear to be the same. The biggest difference that you will see is the change in the lens which boosts a higher output of light.

The G3 TIR lens did an amazing job at out putting light and giving you good par readings but as that light spread out or went deeper you would see dead spots in your par readings.

The engineers at EcoTech Marine came up with the solution of #HEIoptics which allows for a more even blended optimum spread. This is the main noticeable difference on the outside that you can see and it’s the hemispherical lens vs the flat lens here you see in the pictures as well as the led array.

The differences you can't see are the redesign of the inside or guts of the light that include the heat sink and driver.

The G3 is picture number 5 and 7 and the G4 is 6 and 8.
To best way to identify the difference is:
The G3 has no screws the lense.
The G4 has 4 screws on the lense.

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