November 06, 2015 2 min read

As a ‪#‎veteran‬ owned company we are proud of all who have served and are currently serving our great nation. Freedom isn't free and when you enlist into the military you make a life changing decision that can not be quantified into words.

When you go into the service it is a culture shock and as you go through the years you grow as a person and a leader. Every day I go though my own ups and downs I always look back at my time in the service. It has made me who I am today and it has forever changed my life.

We need to do more for ‪#‎veterans‬ and those who wear the uniform. The men and women that protect us everyday foreign and domestic are not celebrities but are are a family. Being a veteran you do not expect discounts or praise, we only ask that you honor those who have fallen and that are here at home get the help and assistance they need.

You can show your generosity by donating your time or just do research on the Wounded Warrior Project Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund Fisher House Foundation and Operation Homefront

Vaquatics, LLC offers a discount to all service members now serving or have served in our armed services. We do not do it for charity or because it makes us look like we we care. We truly care and do it to see a smile on our customers face or talk for hours about the hobby we share.

We are an eCommerce as well as a service company. If we could shake the hand of every customer who chooses us to purchase a product or just wants advice we would.

Thank you all that allow us to be truly free,
The Vaquatics Family
Happy Reefing and stay safe!

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