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March 14, 2013 3 min read

Have questions about the differnce between Real Reef rock products and Real reef rock and natural rock?

Take a minute and read this blog to learn about the next generation of live rock technology.

About Real Reef rock:

Real Reef Rock is a made of 100% natural marine friendly ingredients. Its components are made of the same building blocks which wild coral and living reef rock are composed of. The ingredients are not taken from the ocean and as a result there is zero environmental impact to the world's coral reefs or marine habitat. Our product is also grown here in the U.S. in closed systems, which also avoids additional environmental impact to the ocean environment via mariculture or ocean farming.

The end result is a 100% natural eco friendly Live Rock alternative for the consumer, made and grown in the U.S.A product that consistently looks better than any of its wild or ocean cultured counterparts.

There are two types of Real Reef products available:

For aquascaping and making cavess coves Premium Rock is the wasy to go.

Real Reef Premium Rock is our standard reef building rock. It comes in a variety of sizes from small to show size custom. It is very light, porous and full of holes and crevices. It is three dimensional in shape and comes in many natural shades of purple, pink and red. It replicates the look, feel and function of coralline encrusted coral skeleton rock. It’s made from all natural reef eco friendly materials and grown in greenhouses to become a bio-active rock, without the nuisance pests and hitch hikers commonly found on wild rock. This rock is great for Marine Reef and Fish only aquariums. Not suggested for Freshwater, as it holds a high stable pH.

For building your base Shelf rock is a perfect solution to hold up your aquascaping. Without a good foundation it is hard to ensure that the rock above will stay in place.

Real Reef Shelf Rock is our version of the shelf or slab rock that use to be imported from the Kingdom of Tonga for many years, before getting banned for destructive collection practices. Many have try tried to ship similar wild products from countries like Indonesia of Fiji, but fell short of the beauty and table top shape of the Tonga Shelf Live Rock.

The Real Reef Team used Tonga Shelf as model to replicate and the results are so similar to the old Tonga Shelf that most think it is the real thing! If you always liked the look of true Tonga Shelf, without the environmental reef impact, than this is the rock for you!

Works great for adding shelfs to your existing or planned aquascape. Great for creating shelfs to accommodate frags, clams and other marine life needing a flat surface. Made from the same all natural calcium based ingredients as Real Reef Rock and functions great as a natural filter or growing surface.

When looking at purchasing this rock make sure you ask the question to a retialer of which type you are getting. More times that not you will pay less for shelf rock but the pictures do not dipict the actual type of rock you are getting. 

For instance:

This is Shelf rock:

This is Premium rock:

As hobbyiest as well as a company we ensure that our customers are informed in what they are getting. Before you buy make sure you contact us or any company and get informed before making a purchase!

Happy Reefing,


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