Wet Pets and Friends

December 05, 2012 2 min read

Today we are going to talk about something that every hobbyist has felt at least once in their lives. The feeling of anticipation as you head to your Local fish store. The butterflies in your stomach and all the thoughts of new coral or fish with the possibilities running through your mind of how  your reef will look that much more beautiful with your new purchase.  As the hobby has evolved over the years so has the industry.

Online stores like ours have traded lower prices for that feeling of excitement that you get when you go to your local fish store (LFS). Finding the right online stores that offer exceptional customer service can make up for part of this but they can never replace that feeling you get when you are bringing home your new coral and fish. After taking your significant other or family on a 5000 square foot journey through a wonderland of color and life and spending $100 when you said you would only spend $20 is a memory that cannot be replaced.

We are showcasing a LFS that for 20 years has captivated customers young and old and has become a leader in the industry that is recognized as one of the best in a dwindling brick and mortar atmosphere. This is an establishment that most people would trade 10 online stores to ensure that they never have to feel the disappointment of not seeing beauty in person and hand selecting your purchase.

Wet Pets and Friends is a LFS that has accomplished more in 20 years then most current online businesses as well as fellow brick and mortar stores have. Although Vaquatics, like many others, strive to give the customer an experience like Wet Pets and Friends, we can never replace that feel good moment that you get when you go to a store with unmatched customer service and quality products. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why would Vaquatics boast about a competitor?”  We believe in a philosophy that you respect the best in the business and want to ensure that the personal touch that you can only get from a LFS is preserved and honored.

You can find Wet Pets and Friends online atWet Pets and Friends or if you want to have a once in a lifetime experience you can find this gem at:

Wet Pets and Friends

3695 Washington Road

 McMurray, PA 15317



If you are in the area go visit them and get back that feeling of anticipation and excitement that drew you to the hobby. Heck, just bring your family and let them see all that the sea has to offer with the amazing creatures that inhabit the abyss we call the ocean.

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