Prodibio BIO CLEAN for Saltwater

February 07, 2014 1 min read

Prodibio BIO CLEAN for Saltwater Information

Bio Clean Fresh Water/Bio Clean Marine

BIO CLEAN offers two complementary products in the same box:
The power of BIO DIGEST and the stimulating effect of BIO TRACE Fresh Water or BIOPTIM Marine to clean aquariums and remove algae.

The heterotrophic bacteria in BIO DIGEST biologically clean aquariums by digesting waste, each strain completing the work started by another. They thus purify, reduce nitrates and phosphates and prevent the growth of algae. As bacteria do not multiply at the same speed, to maintain optimal proportions it is recommended to use one ampoule of BIO DIGEST every fortnight.

BIO TRACE Fresh Water and BIOPTIM Marine are concentrations of trace elements and micro-nutrients that can speed up the rate at which bacteria multiply and enzymes are produced by up to 10 times in order to digest aquarium waste.

BIO TRACE Fresh Water and BIOPTIM Marine in combination with BIO DIGEST restore VIGOR and HEALTH in fresh and salt water, provides clearer, cleaner water, livelier fish and healthy invertebrates.

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